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Handmade Encaustic cement tile manufacturing, sales of materials, installation, maintenance, as well as polishing of any types of concrete tiles.
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Canada's First & Only Encaustic, Geometric, Designer Tile Seller, Manufacturer, and Installer.
Bringing Vision to Light!

Since 2014, a dynamic duo from Toronto, Ontario specializing in design, manufacturing, and sales of hand made Encaustic cement tiles. Also, referred as, designer tiles. In addition, the duo can install any type of tile display, service any stone floor work, as well as sell building materials for stone projects. When it comes to customers and being the only hand made cement tile manufacturer in Canada, Hand Made Tile doesn't just do business. Instead, creates life long partnerships.

  • Community initiative enables artists to be heard & compensates them for tile design submissions.
  • Applying Environmentally Friendly methods of production to cement tiles
  • constantly update Broad selection of tile Designs

Encaustic Cement Tile History

Since medieval times, Encaustic tiles appear worldwide in and out throughout history. Many can agree that in Europe the emergence of this particular craftsmanship (using cement) was in Catalonia Spain in the 1850’s. By 1886 the art form had spread rapidly through Latin America. The first cement tiles were imported from Spain to Cuba, thus initializing the spread of the cement tile craze to Latin America. Until the 1920’s it was classified “high end” as the Cote D’Azures mansion, Gaudis Barcelona and many of Berlin’s official buildings were commissioned for work. Later on it spread to be known as a creative and durable flooring material all over Europe. In the 1950’s cement tiles lost importance as people opted for more industrial imitation products.

Encaustic Cement Tiles Around the World

India has a region famous for this type of tiling on the floors. These tiles are often referred to as “Rusticos”.
In Miami and South Florida Encaustic Cement Tiles are often referred to as “Cuban Tiles”. While, In Cuba they are known as Cuban Mortar Tiles "Losa Hidráulica" or "Losatea Hidráulicos”. In Italy they call them “Pavimenti in Graniglia” even though the term is loosely applied to other types of flooring. France and Belgium call them literally translated Cement Tile or “Carrelages du Ciment”.

The Classic Appeal

The finished tile is waterproof and easy to clean daily, great for high volumes of people when maintained and conserved at Manufacturers’ Guidelines standards. The tiles are made from natural mineral pigments in three layers which undergo intense pressure from a mechanical hydraulic press. This method is considered to be a much more responsible and Eco-friendly choice than the ceramic alternative. Encaustic is a wax based paint (composed of beeswax, resin and pigment), which is kept molten on a heated palette. It is applied to an absorbent surface and then reheated in order to fuse the paint making it durable since the color is essentially locked and infused in each tiles’ production. No two tiles are exactly alike adding to the character, charm, nobility and durability of our Encaustic cement tiles.

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Our Team

The Dynamic Duo
Co-Founder & Operations Manager
Akop is in his mid-twenties, currently thriving for ultimate success. Passionate about chess and his work, Akop demonstrates his dedication, resilience, and attention to detail while instilling a part of him in every tile!
Co-Founder, Head of Design & Manufacturing
Very passionate when it comes to tile design and his work. With over a decade of experience under his belt, Slava can assist you with any design questions and install tiles, like no one else out there!

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